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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 21, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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i'm hoping at the end of the day, so i can actually like, do my stuff. >> residents of an upscale apartment complex are reduced to using porta-potties because they haven't had water service for three days. that means no cleaning dishes or taking showers. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> residents at spring house
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apartment complex in pleasanton don't know yet when the water will be turned back on. matt, what happens? >> this is a huge mess. there are several hundred people living here. water was out all weekend long with frustration blowing among residents. a whole lot of nothing coming out of faucets at spring house apartments in pleasanton since friday night. dishes can't be done, toilets can't be flushed a problem that can't be done for roommates. says spring house apartments has 354 unit, from about $1900 a month to $2500 a month. they say they are offering rent compensation, not charging residents for the time water is out. but people are frustrated, wondering if this is a
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maintenance issue, questioning lease terms and wondering how long it'll last. >> are you going to the gym or friend's house? >> friend's house. >> the outage is blame owned a failure in the the main water pipe. no workers were there this morning. management told me they still don't have a time of when it will be fixed. so he goes to the gym for the shower and nearby work for the bathroom. >> oh, 7-eleven, that's where you work? >> yeah. >> i saw workers working on the watermain in the back here of the apartment complex. management said they are trying to fix the problem as quickly as possible. >> matt, thanks a lot. happening in newark, newark boulevard is shut down hours after a garbage truck accident knocked out power to nearby homes.
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it back node a parked car shortly after 4:00 this morning. right now crews are working and clean up an oil spill. the driver suffered minor injuries. ten homes are still without power. police hope to have the roadway cleared by 3:00. >> surviving suspects involved in a deadly bank robbery in stockton is expected to be charged today with triple murder and roughly two dozen other counts. 19-year-old ramos is due to appear in court at 1:30 today. he used a bank customer, 31-year-old missy sing, as a human shield during a police shootout. that followed an hour-long police chase. sing died along with two other suspects. ramos could face the death penalty. >> a gunman shot a man in the face in marin city. deputies found the man conscious and sitting on the curb. the shooting happened on cole
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avenue and drake drive around midnight. he was able to walk a few blocks after hit in the face and head several times. he was taken to a local hospital to undergo surgery. no word on condition or motive for shooting. >> in hayward, a teenager is in the hospital after he was shot in the stomach. near oliver street and hesperian boulevard. hayward police are trying to figure out what led to the shooting. >> advocates for immigrants are rallying in san francisco to push local law makers to push children entering the u.s. even if they are entering illegally. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the federal building. amy? >> hi, kristin. they are targeting democrats. they are looking at house minority leader nancy pelosi. she told them to talk it republicans, that they say they are demanding action from
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democrats. these activist even delivered a letter to pelosi's office. here is a a letter, spelling out what they want what they expect from her. they say that she is not here but they will hand the letter over to pelosi's policy analyst. they want the obama administration to grant refugee status to the children who crossed into the united states and are held in detention centers in arizona, california and texas. they say thit would give them legal help and medical status. >> they want to domestically deport the children, so we are talking about a democratic party who says countless times that they will do what it takes to get immigration reform but until now we've gotten nothing. so we are holding the democratic party accountable.
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>> opponents of this message say people need to cross into this country legally. and the country needs to do more to protect the borders. but these activists say they want a more humanitarian approach. they believe the kids who crossed over will be in danger if they are sent back. pelosi's office did not give us a response. but these activist say they are hoping to get one from her and they say this is not going to be the only action you will see from them, that this is not just one protest, that this is a campaign. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. now a crisis in the middle east. there is concern about the rising number of palestinian death and loss of israeli lives. secretary of state john kerry is on his way to the middle east to do what he can to help negotiate an agreement. seven soldiers were killed overnight in a fire fight with
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militant. bringing the death toll to 27. in past hour, the health instry braved its death toll it 550. president obama says israel has the right it defend itself. it has already done significant damage it hamas. he does not want to see more civilians killed. >> southern california native max steinburg is one of two americans killed fighting for israeli defense forces in the gaza strip. family and friends held a vigil in his honor in los angeles county last night. the 23-year-old was a sharp shooter. his parents say steinburg had challenges living in california and decided to join the israeli defense forces in 2012. he will be buried in israel. >> malaysia's prime minister just announced pro russian separatists in ukraine agreed to hand over black boxes to malaysian officials and give safe access to the debris site.
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president obama spoke this morning. karen travers is live in washington with the latest. karen? >> good morning, kristin. it was a very aggressive statement from president obama this morning. most aggressive statement he made since the plane went down thursday. he said the actions of the pro russia rebels in that region beg the question what exactly are they hiding. he said the burden is now on russia to get those rebels to stop getting in the way of an investigation. >> is the remains of the 298 victims of malaysia flight 17 remain in limbo. four days after the plane was apparently shot down over eastern ukraine, a team of international investigators, including two americans, finally arrived on the scene. local emergency workers recovered more than 270 bodies from the crash site. almost all of them have been turned over to the pro russia rebels. ukrainian officials say the goal is to transfer the remains as
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soon as possible. >> the bloody guerrillas do not allow the train to leave the area. >> but one rebel told abc news the train could leave today as soon as all of the bodies are collected. the call for a credible international investigation grow. >> we have to make sure that truth is out. and that accountability exist. >> this video shot last friday shows what appears to be the plane's flight recorder and this audio where rebel leaders talk about hiding the black boxes. saying, quote, try to take everything that you find so it doesn't get into somebody else's hands. >> if the russians get a hold of the black boxes, they are an interested, party, i don't think there is anything we can do. >> showing the moment the buck missile was fired, they say that 12 hours later, this missile launcher was seen heading into russia with at least one missile missing. >> russia continues to deny any involvement and in fact say it
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was the ukrainians that brought down the plane. but those statements are largely dismissed by the international community. reporting live from washington, karen travers, abc 7 news. >> thank you, karen. former secretary of state hillary clinton is in the bay area today and you can connect with her on facebook. the former first lady will host realtime question and answer session from headquarters at 2:30 this afternoon. go to the facebook page of this book, hard choices. one question she won't answer, whether she is running for the white house in 2015. she said she won't decide that until after she becomes a grandmother later this year. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, air travellers facing new fees. how much more will we pay to fly. and devastation by two dozen wildfires burning out of control in the pacific northwest. and missile taking you to the innovative area boot camp
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giving dozens of future engineers a crash course in tech. >> now a live look outside, sfo, boy, clouds still hanging over. as you know, early morning delays. straight ahead with today's
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happening now, wildfires in washington state are blamed for at least one death and 150 homes destroyed. more than a dozen fires are burning across the northwest this morning.
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the largest is the carlson complex, a fire which burned more than 237,000 acres. 1300 firefighters are on the fire line, hoping that cooler temperatures and lighter wind will help them get the upper hand. the red cross is there, of course, helping some 2,000 evacuees get food and shelter. video from a remote control drone shows damage left behind from wildfires. virtually nothing is left untouched. that's about 200 miles east of seattle. homes reduced to ash. a landscape with nothing but the charred remains of trees and shrubs. >> new this morning, dozens of people in san francisco are starting an intense boot camp. designed to get them a job in the tech industry. an orientation today before beginning the 12-week course. people spending at least 11 hours per day six days a week learning to write computer code. organizers say the intensity is what sets them apart from
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four-year college. >> in a very real way, when people graduate from university frequently they can't build remember site. but when they graduate from here, they can. >> seems like it covers a lot of modern tools you would use on the job. and i don't have four years to go back to school at the moment or the money to do that. >> tuition is more than $17,000, so not cheap. but the program claims 99% of graduates get job offers in just weeks. for information pront program, go to our website, >> interesting. >> gray and humidity still prevalent. good morning. there are a few drops flowing through of drizzle. mist up north. but clearing is coming our way. i will tell you when the heat wave will hit your neighborhood coming up in the accuweather
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seven-day forecast. >> thanks. a change affecting all air travellers. prepare to pay more to fly, but it won't be the
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happening today, airline tickets are going to cost you more but the air reasons won't get the money. the transportation administration fees are going up 6.6 a for all start.
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the current fee is 2.50 or 5.50 for a connecting flight. the fees are expected to raise $12.5 billion a year. >> ikea is trying to entice new customers to take home a new pet along with a new couch or new table. ikea is teaming up with home for hope. they are placing cardboard cut outs of actual dogs and cats at nearby shelters in their show room. ikea shows the way it would look. shoppers can scan codes to get more information about the individual pets. an ikea store in tempe, arizona has become the first store to participate in the program. >> still gray in san francisco. don't know if you see sun in your neighborhood yet. it was enough to have the windshield wipers on. look at what's going on. >> especially around the north bay and heading to the northern
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sessions where that mist and drizzle has been. probably for the better part of the morning and even some of the light rain and to a lesser extent sprinkles up in the north bay and further south and east you are, the more sunshine we see right now. let's look at live doppler to give you an idea of what is going on. we have a boundary across the north bay ever so slowly this morning. best radar returns along with hills and mountains along with fort rawson towards clover dale. can you see right there, stewart's point, skaggs springs road, that's where we have the best radar return. this will continue lifting north and be out of the sonoma county area, northern sonoma county in the next couple hours. the winds coming in from the south. look at half moon bay. that will stop the up welling. that's why the ocean water is in the low to mid 60s, instead of 50s. that is in part one of the reasons why we are dealing with
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so much humidity in the air as it is blowing on shore. once it takes that right hand turn into the golden gate. that's why the lows have also been rather mild because of the air blowing off that warmer ocean water. you see the clearing taking place in the east and south bay p. that will slowly move north. stubborn across most of the north bay and coast. in fact, you can see sun breaking out in walnut creek right now. let's look at current temperatures. we are still in 60s in half moon bay. in napa and santa rosa, 70s and 80s and it looks soupy. yeah. cut it with a knife in probably. can't see the other side. barely over from the water. cooler than average most areas. cloudy, humid, drizzle and warming trend that brings us above average thursday through sunday. mid 70s to near 80. mid to upper 60s along the
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coast. san francisco hitting 70. mid 70s in north bay and low to upper 70s from berkeley to castro valley. 79 in san ramon to 86 in brentwood. look for drizzle, no sprinkles, probably into light rain. just marine layer clouds and temperatures in upper 50s to low 6 os. tomorrow, more sunshine, temperatures won't budge much but by wednesday we are getting closer to average and check out 80s and 90s away from the coast. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. remember, warmer water there. at least it's not in the 50s like it usually is this time of the year. have a good day. >> thank you. >> you know, weather was just right. nice and cool. not too hot. for the aids walk in san francisco's golden gate park yesterday. estimated 20,000 people came out. you can see dan ashley there, our very own, emceeing the
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event. abc 7 a proud sponsor since almost the very start. >> one of the youngest walkers. we were tweeting all day there. >> and i saw a lot of your tweets, lovely pictures. including this one, of you and katie and kayla. little incognito with her glasses. very stylish. you met a lot of great people. >> so wonderful. 28 years for abc. 2 million bucks. not too bad. >> we have a sweet deal for fans, how can you win a chance to appear in episode 7. and the deal doesn't end there. >> oh, the force is
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j.j. abrams announced today, the chance to star in a scene in the movie. >> it is part after fund-raising effort to benefit unicef. if you want details, head to our website. >> as long as that role is not killed off in a very violent way. >> well, if you're good, you might be able to come back. >> a recurring character. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us today. >> who want to be a millionaire is next. thanks for joining us. >> a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving sma
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hello! what's up, buddy? what's up? what's up? hi, sweetheart. how you doing? >> i'm good. i've been a fan for a long time. >> awesome. all right, good. good. yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. in the house with me today is a child psychotherapist who, ironically, needed a little pep talk from her 8-year-old son before coming on the show. from philadelphia, pennsylvania, y'all give it up for sonya kearney. what up? >> hello. [cheers and applause] >> sonya, now, you usually do this as a job, but you needed a little pep talk from your young son. tell me about this talk. >> i did. i got great advice from my 8-year-old son. he's really into basketball, so his advice--